A delicious selection of European dishes await you at Szarotka! Our homemade specialties are always freshly prepared and cooked to perfection.

We offer a selection of traditional Polish dishes such as the Highlander Style Potato Pancakes, Ribs on Sauerkraut, Cabbage Rolls with Tomato Sauce, as well as new instant classics such as Leg of Lamb in Own Gravy Sauce, gently Fried Rainbow Trout, in-beer-cooked Bavarian Style Pork Shank - all carefully prepared by following our family's traditional recipes.

The restaurant area offers a casual elegance thanks to spacious dining room which can accommodate up to 80 guests. For groups more than 8 we suggest to reserve a table.

Bar & Café

Our bar offers a full array of exotic drinks, beer, liquors, wine, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic baverages. We are particularly proud of serving traditional European beers such as Warsteiner, Edelweiss and Pilsner.

Watch your favorite sporting event on one of the large plasma TV’s or play casino-like video poker and slot machines that have been recently upgraded to state-of-the-art equipment.

For most special events the bar offers an open bar or bottle service. The cafe and bar can hold up to 50 guests.

Banquet Hall / Parties

Szarotka offers three distinct banquet areas to accommodate your special event. The restaurant and bar (upper level) can accommodate up to 80 guests. The cafe and bar (upper level) can hold up to 50 guests. And the fully-equipped banquet room (lower level) can serve up to 150 guests.

Szarotka is well known for its delicious fresh food, great service, and just a splendid place to have any type of affair ranging from small and intimate to large and extravagant. The chefs and the entire staff at Szarotka are more than ready and prepared to service dinners for all group sizes.